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Green Deal Finance
From October 2012 the UK Government are aiming to introduce a UK Green Deal Scheme to make it possible for millions of home and business owners to have energy efficient improvements installed at their properties at NO UP FRONT COSTS to the owner, tenant or landlord. The Green Deal scheme will enable energy efficient measure such as solar thermal, Solar PV, ground source and Air Source heat pumps, electric storage heaters and wind turbines (all to be confirmed), to be installed in homes and businesses via Green Deal Finance.

The green deal scheme hopes to enable private firms and businesses to offer green deal finance of up to approx £10,000 per property. Pay back of any green deal Finance would be recouped, by instalments, over 25 years or less from a charge on the property's electricity bill, and not by a charge on the home or person. If you move away from the property, the Green Deal Finance stays as a charge on the property's electricity bill.

All installations must meet the Green Deal Golden Rule.

Green Deal Rule: Under the UK Green Deal for home and Green Deal for Business all instalments will have to meet a single key principle. The expected savings must be greater than the cost of work being done - this may also be known as the "Green Deal Golden Rule"