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Solar Photovoltaic
"A great investment even after the Feed in Tariff cut"

Let CDS Ltd install your Solar Photovoltaic panels and enjoy the benefits of FREE energy and 20 years of Feed in Tariff's, and it reduces your CARBON FOOOTPRINT!!

Utilising the daylight produced by the Sun these low maintenance panels produce electricity that can be used for running all the electrical items within your home.

If you do not use all the free electricity you produce then you simply sell the energy back to your energy supplier (Currently assumed at 50% of the generated electricity).

With the current Feed in Tariff scheme you will be paid for every watt of energy your system produces, using this energy will reduces energy consumed from your supplier, thus saving on your energy bills. Alternatively if you don't use the generated energy you can sell the energy you produce back to your supplier, still receiving the Feed in Tariff for it, and a further payment from your supplier for providing them with electricity, making you further savings on your annual electricity bill.

Solar PV systems require very little routine maintenance due to the system components having no moving parts, therefore you can expect its lifespan to potentially exceed 30 Years.

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