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Health Benefits of Air Conditioning
Most people think of air conditioning as something to keep them cool on hot days but there are many health benefits of air conditioning, especially if you live in extreme climates of hot and cold.

Buying an air conditioner or air conditioning system can make an enormous and positive difference to health. Air conditioning creates a clean and healthy environment, while dealing with problems like allergies, respiratory conditions, and dust. Many suffering with debilitating conditions have seen health improvements from air conditioning, which has greatly improved their quality of life.

Air Conditioning Health Benefits
Air conditioning has been a breakthrough for health in the living environment but also in hospitals and places of care where cleanliness is essential. The people who achieve most benefit from air conditioning in terms of health are those that suffer the following conditions:
  • Respiratory ailments
  • Allergies to particles in the air such as house dust
  • Uncomfortable living temperature
  • Poor air quality
  • Limited mobility
  • Sinus problems
All kinds of people are subject to poor air quality and the effect it has on them from infants to senior citizens and invalids.

Air and Health
All people have basic conditions in their environment that need managing. Those in excellent health can be subject to the stresses of air temperature and invisible airborne particles. These are present in every sort of human environment and building. Air pollution outside is a valid reason to ensure you are breathing clean air inside.

Air can be stale and heavy with fumes and odours. Basic odours are indicators of poor air quality. These smells also indicate there are chemically active particles in the air. While these situations are not toxic, they are not helpful to respiration. A modern air conditioner or air conditioning system can solve all of these problems.

Temperature and Comfort
Tiredness and general fatigue can be caused by excessive temperatures of cold and heat. It is not unusual to suffer minor but recurrent conditions such as coughs, discomfort, headaches, and colds.

Humidity and temperature have an impact on how the body works. Excessive heat or cold can use up energy stores rapidly. Tiredness is symptomatic of this and often the person is not sure why they are so fatigued. Dehydration can occur in low humidity and when the body is using energy just to cope with the environment it is out of balance and becomes stressed which results in symptoms of headache, stuffiness, and sense of weariness. The body becomes susceptible to infections, which is certainly not productive at home or in the work place.

Air Conditioning Benefits Long Term
Putting the body under repetitive stress by making it operate in extreme human environments is stressful on the immune system. Over a long period, for example, trying to work to your best in a stifling hot office in summer, your resistance is worn down and you are vulnerable to infections as well as being hot, uncomfortable, and drained at the end of the day.

Introducing an air conditioner or air conditioning system for the long term will reduce bodily stress over time and make the human environment comfortable to be in. There is definitely an improvement in well being and productivity when the body is kept at an ambient temperature and it makes the home and workplace somewhere people want to be.

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