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Domestic space heating and hot water is provided by air source heat pumps. By using the established heat pump technology, which is used extensively in the cooling and heat industry, it is actually possible to reduce your homes running costs.

For decades Heat pumps technology has been around and Mitsubishi Electric have developed the ECODAN specifically for the domestic market. Ecodan is one of the most advanced energy efficient heating systems available on the market today.

Air source heat pumps have a very high COP (Coefficiency of performance); this is defined as the ratio of output energy/input energy. The higher the COP, the more efficient the system is. Most of the air source heat pumps have a COP of between 3 to 5, this means 1kw of input energy consumed will produce 3 to 5 kws of heat.

Whether you live in a small flat or a large detached house, Air source heat pumps offer an alternative choice to traditional heating systems, they can also be used to replace an existing heating systems in particular areas off the gas network which now have a choice other than oil.