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Air Conditioning Products
Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd has a healthy relationship with our distributors of all kinds of manufacturers.

This long standing business relationship and indeed friendship has given Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd the opportunity to pass many of the benefits that we receive directly on to our clients such as discounts, warranty agreements and technical expertise. Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd can create the perfect indoor climate for you and your business.

As with all the suppliers Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd choose to work with, Daikin who are recognized as experts in their field. With over 70 years of precision and innovation Daikin have built a worldwide reputation for quality and technology. Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd have access to all the knowledge needed to for the most up-to-date products applications and can provide advice and expertise to ensure customers get the right product and service for their situation.
When it comes to air conditioning there is a large range of options available and Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd can offer a comprehensive range of LG air conditioning products, one of the most popular manufacturers in the air conditioning market. There are LG systems available for all kinds of applications ranging from large scale ducted for large rooms to small wall mounted and ceiling mounted systems
As the UK's leading supplier of air conditioning Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive range of Fujitsu air conditioning systems which are value for money. These units are extremely effective and energy efficient, so they are suitable for the use in a variety of different environments. With Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd and Fujitsu we can offer some of the best value for money air conditioning units which are effective and efficient and extremely popular with our customers
Hitachi is a well established Japanese manufacturer of high technology air conditioning systems. The new Hitachi air conditioning range is highly economical and environmentally friendly, using the latest compressor and invertor technology keeping power consumption minimal, but at the same time providing with powerful cooling and heating. Coming in most air conditioning formats such as wall mounted, cassette and ceiling and ducted systems. Corin Dudley Electrical Services Ltd are standing by to answer and questions about Hitachi air conditioning units.
Mitsubishi Electric
The air conditioning company known today as Mitsubishi Electric, has over 50 years experience in developing air conditioning systems, they continue to benefit from the sheer size and diversity of the Mitsubishi group. With building insulation now at its best and electronic equipment galore in our living and working environments, the need for effective heating and cooling is paramount. Working with Mitsubishi products, Corin Dudley Electrical Services can offer cost-effective, energy conscious systems which are expertly designed to provide our customers with constant, comfortable living and working environments.