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Types of Air Conditioning
Corin Dudley Electrical Services Air Conditioning Systems selection

Wall Mounted Unit
A slim line, powerful and quiet unit that sits at high level on any wall, ideal for small to medium sized rooms or where equipment cannot be mounted on the floor or ceiling. Capacities range from 2kW to 10kW. These units come part of a single split system (one indoor and one outdoor) or part of a multi-split system (several indoor and one outdoor). Units are usually operated using an infrared controller. The system can be supplied as cooling only or heat pump (cooling or heating).
Cassette Unit
These units have become very popular for all types of retail, office or commercial applications due to their high degree of flexibility. Designed to fit into a false ceiling, cassette units will sit flush mounted so that the only part showing is the grille face. Air is drawn through the centre of the panel into the unit where it is filtered and cooled or heated as necessary before being supplied back to the room via four edge slots.

Cassettes distribute very effectively over large areas, making them ideal for open plan shops or offices. Cassettes are also ideal for refurbishment projects or installation in occupied spaces as they are relatively quick to fit and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Cassettes can be part of single split , multi split or larger VRV systems and range from 3.5kW to 13kW in capacity, each.
Low Wall and Floor Mounted Air Conditioning Units
These would be used for aesthetic or space availability reasons where high wall units could not be used or are not the preferred option.

Mounted at low level these units are similar in appearance to slim line storage heaters and can be installed to replace them so occupying the same space in the room but providing cooling as well as heating (heat pump option only). These models have a strong fan motor in the base that draws air in at low level with air conditioned air being discharged through the top grille outlet.

Operation is usually by unit mounted controller or infrared controller.
Ducted Unit
Sitting above the false ceiling or hidden within the compartment space, these units blow out conditioned air through a grille, ideal for all environments, these units have the benefit of everything being hidden.

Units can also be mounted behind false walls or under floors. This type of system is very flexible as outlet can be moved reasonably easy to suit new room layouts.

Systems can also be tailor made with addition of items such as sound attenuators and extra filtration. Fresh air can easily be introduced into a ducted system.
Under Ceiling Air Conditioning Unit
Ceiling cassette units require a false ceiling void of at least 250mm. If this is not available then under ceiling units are an option.

With a similar range and capacity to ceiling cassettes these units are available as either one way blow, for mounting against a wall, or 4 way blow, for mounting in more central positions similar to cassettes. These units are ideal, powerful and quiet.